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Justice Yeldham 12" Picture Disc 2012 Ltd Edition [sold out].


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dualpLOVER along with Austria's Dry Lung Records have released a limited Justice Yeldham picture disc as the must have souvenir item for Lucas Abela's 2012 European Tour. Featuring a live recording from January 2011 and three rare studio tracks (one form 2009 and two recorded early 2012) that show Lucas is starting to get more comfortable playing without an audience. Our first experiment with crowd sourcing, we raised the money needed to press the disc with over 200 copies pre-sold at the pozible site.

180211 9:56 (recorded live at serial space Sydney by Jon Hunter)
Buzzies 3:35 (recorded jan 2012)

Justice Yeldham Picture Disc Side A

black knight cleans bright 8:06 (recorded jan 2012)
march of the bodypumpers 4:54 (recorded 2009 previously available as mp3 download via Wire magazine)

Justice Yeldham Picture Disc Side B

Photographs By Alex Davies

Video of the 180211 filmed by Brooke Olsen for Records: Experimental Sydney