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<RAVE magazine article>

Not to be confused with the Purple Loon, Purple Diver, Purple Grebe, Purple Gallinule or Purple Coot the Purple Duck is the more common name for the best MC in the world. Yes he’s very very good, well hot enough to burn down a herd of yobbo MC's like pieces of wood. Plover fans would undoubtedly remember the duck from his appearance on the seminal ‘Suicidal Rap Orgy’ album ‘ Genital Warfare’. On this his debut solo album ‘Duck Side of the Moon’ we find the less threatening side of duckmania. Here the great purple quacker displays that his masterful emceeing skills are not his only talent. You will not only find dope duck styles hip hop tracks here, alongside come a quick succession of genres flying think and fast, the album having everything from the punk rock anthem of 'Love Tampon' to the tear jerking Balladeering of 'Everyone’s Dying'.

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01 best MC 3:25
02 duck mafia 4:19
03 cunt dracula 0:56
04 love tampon 2:18
05 do you want to dance all night 1:56
06 when a woman cries 5:05
07 sex falcon 1 1:47
08 Get in shape 2:24
09 Bored 2:01
10 I cannot yeild oil 3:16
11 Cunt Dracula 2 0:44
12 Everyones dying 2:18
13 You with the bear 2:36
14 Ants in my pants 4:03
15 Sex falcon 2 1:05
16 Rock vampire 1:23
17 Mating season 3:22
18 Myspace woman 6:40
19 Sex falcon 3 1:15
20 volcanic arse 3:02


"We first heard Purple Duck whoring himself with the evil and wrong rap stylings of Suicidal Rap Orgy, and somehow we knew he deserved better. On his debut solo album he’s thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it, and most of it sticks. But then it slides off at funny angles and it’s impossible not to laugh maniacally then be charmed by the insanity and creative dexterity of the duck-man. It feels like a comedy album, with a couple of skits such as Cunt Dracula, who is a nasty insensitive piece of work (even for a vampire) and Sex Falcon which is about a falcon that terrifies townsfolk by penetrating them and then dropping them off a mountain two hours away. Yes I know it’s juvenile but it doesn’t stop it being funny. And it’s part of the charm of Purple Duck who uses hip hop, funk, house, indie folk, blues and electro pop to get his light humorous messages across. Despite his dexterity it’s impossible to dislodge the notion that he’s taking the piss out of the listener, possibly because the humor tends to overcompensate the soul of the music. That is except for When a Women Cries where the Duck adopts a Flaming Lips vocal style though almost seems to ruin the emotional sincerity by adding a catchy electro groove. Then there’s Bored, where The Duck describes how bored he is, demonstrating a remarkable ability to creatively curse and an almost implausible vocal dexterity. Duckside of the Moon is the antidote to the polished production and vacant content of most current day albums, and as a result should be encouraged." - Bob Baker Fish


"Ahh…comedy rap! I’m not sure I ever knew there was such a thing, aside from some of the slightly (and likely unintentionally) humorous lyrics sprinkled here and there in some of the gangster and/or other rap albums I like to hear once in a while. Well, it’s not entirely accurate to call “Duckside of the Moon” strictly a rap album—the disc opens with a couple rap tracks, but then Purple Duck moves into some ballads, house jams, blues, and rock as well. While I do appreciate that our man is very diverse, I actually don’t want to hear a rock ballad, a rap song, a blues number, and a cheesy house track all on the same album. This isn’t a compilation, mind you—it is a full-length album. The guy is clearly multi-faceted as a musician, but some focus would be a welcome ingredient.

There is a kind of charm to Purple Duck’s approach to music. He’s obviously got a rough handle on how to produce an album, since he appears to have recorded, mixed, and mastered it all himself (at least he doesn’t attribute these tasks to anyone else in the liner notes). The songs that are ‘sung’ (rather than rapped or yelled) have that very subtle off-key sound, not so tone-deaf that listening is unbearable, but he’s also clearly not a candidate for any of the numerous reality-TV shows on which people sing. This slight imperfection makes these sung vocals very enjoyable actually. And when I said he has a rough handle on production, I must stress that it’s a rough handle, since a lot of the songs have this quality that only reminds me of those booths you can go into and sing over an instrumental pop-track, and walk out with your ‘demo’. It’s not lo-fi per se, but there’s something rather corny about the whole mix. That’s also a bit charming—to be honest, I can’t tell if he’s being ironic. The overtly comedic bits are funny during the first few listens, but I fear that another half-dozen spins will render most of the comedy impotent (I hope this term will be found suitable by the man who penned the classic “Sex Falcon”). And perhaps it’s because I’m a poorly-traveled American, but I’m even finding some humor in Purple Duck’s Australian accent.

There are a few glaring issues afoot here, though. The title of this CD is “Duckside of the Moon”. That is unforgivable, whether you’re a Pink Floyd fan or not. The lyrics to most of these songs, while yes they are sort of cutely humorous (and often dirty…but not filthy), they are also severely corny. Again, this may be an ironic twist (ha…fuck you Ween!). But the absence of any clear delineation is actually kind of distraction. Songs like “Love Tampon” and “Cunt Dracula” are both corny and unfunny. Then he lays down “Myspace Woman”, which is albeit very corny, but also quite hilarious.

Purple Duck is obviously a rather talented guy. Despite the probability that this disc is right now on its way to oblivion for me, I have enjoyed some very special moments with it. The songs aren’t really catchy or memorable, but if you’re listening to the lyrics, you’re going to have a good chuckle here and there. But listener beware, you may one day pop this in the CD player and find that the comedy has soured. It’s a common issue with ‘comedy’ (using the word loosely here), so probably a good reason to generally not try incorporating comedy with music. Nonetheless, “Duckside of the Moon” is a weird comedy mess of an album in which the author spans around 12 genres. Talent is definitely present, but it’s so poorly focused that I can’t really get into and stay into this CD. 6/10" -- Michael Jantz


"Form of a duck... Purple Duck is the best MC in the world and I know this because in his opening track I heard him warble a statement to that effect down a cheap microphone in a voice halfway between that guy from Ween and a Muppet while carnival music played. It may be a slight exaggeration, but he is pretty funny. His song about being bored contains a litany of inventive expletives as well as lines comparing the depth of his boredom to time spent with Ken Done’s paintings and Garfield. The songs are broken up by skits with names like Sex Falcon and Cunt Dracula, which probably tells you everything you need to know about them right there. He parodies cock-rock (the very MGF-sounding Love Tampon), exercise anthems (the Trey Parker-sounding Get In Shape) and maybe techno (Do You Want To Dance All Night). I honestly can’t tell with the last one whether it’s a joke or not – maybe that’s the joke itself, that it’s impossible to tell the repetitive parody from the real thing. When A Woman Cries doesn’t sound like a novelty song either, instead coming across like one of those Trash-era Alice Cooper weepy pop-rock epics with the big ’80s drum kicks, and doing a surprisingly perfect homage to them. In between he raps about booting the other ducks out of the pond, but he’s not so much a duck as a chameleon, able to transform himself into anything from Bauhaus (Rock Vampire) to Captain Beefheart (You With The Bear) at will." -JODY MACGREGOR