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Sydney Australia's favourite chronically depressed, long term unemployed, alcoholic, asthmatic, homosexual electronic music pioneer. A man who's just spent the waking half of the last two years concocting this, his third collection of solo works titled 'INSTANT OBLIVION' between copious amounts of drinks and bouts with day time television. If his previous effort the lauded "RUFFINI CORPUSCLE" was a plumb designed to measure the depths of a luscious aural abyss. This album is the measurement discovered by its predecessors journey delving deep into exquisite musical epiphany.

Gary Bradbury



01 Memory Lane 4:06
02 Cheap Wagneria Dynamics 3:47
03 Rhode Island Slut (A Type Of Chicken) 4:22
04 Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific 5:26
05 Nymphs + Shepards 4:35
06 The Nevsky Prospect 2:20
07 Tablets 4:03
08 Mary Businesscard-Foot Is Back 4:53
09 Gob 2:38
10 Petty Bourgeois Reverie 4:56
11 Hot Dog On A Dog 4:55
12 Anvil Into Tartaros 4:52

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"On his second solo disc, Garry Bradbury (ex-Severed Heads) plots and dices twelve therapeutic electronic pieces which range from oddly humourous flirtations with synthetic textures and hard rhythmalism to open, extended ambient stretches that loom and hang in otherwordly statis. Poppy highlight 'Nymphs + Shepards' pairs a sprightly, muted ostinato with gorgeously lagged high-end melodies decorating its minimal click-hop drum-track like pinpricks. That is, until a phat drum thump and anthememic counterpoint synth chorus demonstrate that Bradbury is a master sonic bricklayer who has the ins and outs of tension and release down pat. We have dialogue snatches from A Clockwork Orange, we have the exquisite, glacial delicacy of 'Cheap Wagnerian Dynamics' and we have the entirely vocal chop-fest that is 'Gob', featuring all the crisp and invasive delights of authentic Bradbury grunts, splutters abd wet apple-chomps. If you want it, here it is - come and get it." - Adrian Trajstman.


"Gary Bradbury knows what it's like to be cumulatively disadvantaged. He's a homosexual, chronic depressive, asthmatic, unemployed Australian young man and he's an artist on top of that. But what matters is this superb little CD here. It's the result of two people, Bradbury, who handles electronics and does something with a "sundry" object, and a fella named Sweden who plays guitar. This is psychedelic electronic music that might as well accompany a film; one track for example is as if it were composed by Michael Nyman, and then there'sone that I can imagine with a brutal psycho-horror. It's awesome." -DJ Csühes (translated from hungarian by adam csenger)