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If Alfred Nobel was famed for sticking various objects up his own anus, then I would be having the great pleasure of introducing this years joint Nobel Laureates for literature (within the field of poetry) ladies and gentlemen, dualplover gives you, bushpig / mule / mc scatboner / cockbash-80 / mc slurry / the wound bearer / mc trollop / mc chubnuts / mc poodick / mc shitman / mc nostrilcum or as the are collectively known suicidal rap orgy. Hip hop from the blue moutains, what isolation can do to a gangstars is terrifying if this offering has anything to say about kids today. tracks like "anal sucking fun" "terds are the master" are good indicators of such trends.



01 Blood Clot Lunch 4:40
02 Blood Fart 1:45
03 Anal Sucking Fun 1:49
04 Bullets Up Ya Cunt 2:32
05 Decapited Fetus Bangin 4:32
06 Murder Rap 3:11
07 Pyogenic Ulcer 3:15
08 Genital Warfare 2:37
09 Terds Are The Master 5:14
10 Kitty Fucker 2:26
11 The Penis Lord 4:32


"Champions come inall shapes and sizes. But be warned Suicidal Rap Orgy are not champions. They are however puerile childish depraved idiots obsessed with smut and gore, which come to think of it could easily been mistaken for being champions, particulary in our increasingly conservative world. The aim is to shock, cramming as many curses and sadistic pornographic imagery into every song as possible. Try this cute little ditty entitles Kitty Fucker, "I got a wet pussy and i need some satisfaction, shafting a cat, I'll get erect when it spasms the rotten smell will corrupt my dick to make a pile of rats I will shit in total bliss spastic chunks of puss." Delightful I'm sure. And every song is almost exactly the same. With doom-laden beats and angry screaming raps, they do to hip hop what Gwar and Faxed Head do to metal. Suicidal Rap Orgy are the diseased mutated demented offspring of hip hop, gore hop, porn hop, wrong hop. After listening to more than three songs in one sitting the numbness sets in. What begins with hysterical laughter quickly becomes blank. Nothing will shock you, nothing will offend you, nothing will hurt you anymore. This is evil stupid and wrong. Perhaps they are champions after all." - INPRESS MAGAZINE


"The hands down most bizarre and disgusting record you are going to hear this millennium, someone told me Suicidal Rap Orgy were a porn, yobbo, horror rap band, but nothing could have prepared me for this. Genital Warfare is not for fans of rap, or porn, or horror. In fact it would suit fans of sick, perverted, twisted shit more than anyone else. Song titles like "Anal Sucking Fun" and "Decapitated Fetus Bangin'" only tell half the story, you should see the pictures on the cover." - BLUNT MAGAZINE.

australian music

"The opening beat is very appealing when listened to on a decent sound system and is the beginning of the SRO's best track 'Blood Clot Lunch'. The lyrics are particularly grotesque and well pronounced, the music is very nice well consructed, slow and hardcore. This album is sort of a culmination of all things hardcore, the topics of the lyrics, the artwork on the album, the vocal style of some of the rhymers and the music. Actually the music could be more hardcore but then we cant have everything. The lyrics are much easier to pick up on the album then live so if you enjoyed the live show definately pick this up, also pick it up if you enjoyed reading my review of the live show, or if you enjoy watching the nature channel pick up this because there is some nakedness in the album art. I am a big fan of extreme music and of hip hop so this album to me was a natural progression of these genres. The rhymes are fantastic and are all said in jest i am sure, no one should take this stuff seriously. Suicidal Rap Orgy is a great project and i cant wait to see what they come up with next. Other tracks of note are number nine 'Terds Are The Master' which contains some fine screaming and number three 'Anal Sucking Fun'. The winner of the most fucked up titled track for 2003 is 'Decapitated Fetus Bangin'. Also contained in the album is a handy lyrics book so that you can sing along to your favorite Terd-Penis-Cunt obsessed Rhymers." - Adam (australian music)

Cyclic Defrost

"Christian hip-hop pranksters “God Squad” release their anticipated anti-Christ diss record. Suicidal Rap Orgy was conceived as a sort of funky Sunday School learning aid: Kids, this is what happens if you don’t go to church. Genital Warfare is also notable for being the first album recorded and produced at Hillschurch Lifesong studios, the massive multi-million dollar studio and mastering facility hidden away in the western suburbs. The money shows, with engineering and production that would make other god-fearing producers like Rodney Jerkins green with envy. The five SRO MCs and DJ Testament are backed by the Lifesong GodPower house band, with the title track also featuring the Lifesong Philharmonic. The tracks are a motley collection of life gone wrong, wasted opportunitites, bad choices and malnourished spirit. Tracks like ‘Anal Sucking Fun’ relate the sorry tale of a life without religion, with lyrics like ‘my dick is a bloody fuckin hard mother fucker / I piss on ya tits and fill ya face full of shit / shit reins down fill the streets with blood / Im a maniac shit lickin slut’. The message here is clear: stick with the one true faith and ye shall be saved. SRO have thoughtfully included a included a booklet of lyrics entitled ‘Closer To God’ and contact details for anyone curious enough to wonder about those larger questions. Stupid and pointless." - Vaughan Healey

Travis Jeppesen

"This is a real turdgem of a recording, one that is sure to make you spew poisonous vapors from your anus at the next murder orgy. DIE MOTHERFUCKER! screams M.C. Bushpig, and a Casio gunshot rings out, helping the SRO keep it fake all the way, as a mass of plastic titties and cocks explode on the altar of the penis lord. Blood farts and anal sucking fun often result from these apocalyptic shit wankings, and the sun is a shot-out vagina leaking sperm, vomit, and shit on to the shrieking morons down under. Colonic irrigation has never been so fun! Genital Warfare is more than a Suicidal Rap Orgy album; it's the be-all, end-all of the horror rap genre. These dick fatalists from down under make bands like Slipknot and Limp Bizkit look like the total fags they are. Do you want to eat some pumpkin shit? Or are you in the mood for some decapitated fetus banging? Then get yours now at Each CD comes covered in smegma and day-old vaginal fluids..."