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FUNKY TERRORIST : 5!5!5! (1999) 3"CD [Sold Out]


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The ploverian liberation front claims responsibility for the bomb that is the new funky terrorist mini cd 5!5!5! After heated conversation on the tired nature of POP "poo" Phoebe and naoko quit their respective positions at the home shopping channel to wage a campaign of subversion on an unsuspecting pop market, armed with a killer song and dance routine. Phoebe Jeebe was highly trained for off-beat dance warfare at bootcamp clan analog with operations 'the family' and 'alternahunk'. She aims for the stars and hits everytime. naoko matsumuto has been raised within the ancient japanese tradition of tiger mad strange classics and with a supercute swift WHACK can render you as helpless as a kitten without legs, you better beware when she boards your bus.



01 go! go !go! 3:28
02 r u serious? 3:32
03 2 scratchy 2 dance 5:57
04 cocktail lady 3:04
05 okinawa 4:16
06 Paku Paku* 2:24

*bonus track for mp3 collection not on original release


"Another cardinal yellow head-trapping for the fertilized ovules and alkylating agents of the Dual Plover imprint, to whom we owe trumpeting ciphers of desire and a privileged clients caning for the release of Funky Terrorist's similarly impeccable Beauty Is the Beast CD5. Although its staves are used only to indicate the pitch of terminal notes (oil of lettuce, Una Senora sin Mancha, rippling forms of cranks, diaphragm-racked), 'Okinawa' nonetheless swallows the prick of luxuriant mass of livid joy to the hilt. Ditto 'Cocktail Lady,' which rises, falls in boiling strenuously tongued ur-cycles. '2 Scratchy 2 Dance' poses its liquored Origen scales in ambulatory and radiating chapels, and clouded riches are thus devoured, my tumescent, navy-blue wool worms! Fruit heads (Bine, winded Hare, common Chickenbrow) are also used in brewing." - Tom Smith


"Two people called Phoebe Jeebe and Naoko make up Funky Terrorist. With only two people and five tracks on a three-inch CD, there are somehow worlds of experience and soundscapes crammed onto this tiny canvas. The most immediate song , 'Cocktail Lady,' is a straightforward space-age mambo; but it comes bathed in crackles and distracting background white noise. It creates in the listener the unsettling impression that a weird and possibly dangerous environment is being barely kept at bay by the forces of civilization exemplified by a cocktail lounge. As a synth bass break suddenly comes in, it's like having a conversation in a quiet bar interrupted by the sound of acid rain drumming on the windows, suggesting an outside world that's not friendly in the least. Funky Terrorist's gift is to find a spookiness lurking behind-or within-the mundane, while navigating the same murky waters as veteran explorers Devo, Suicide, and the Residents (there are definite echoes of 'Hello Skinny' on '2 Scratchy 2 Dance'). The most innocuous sounds (breathing, whispers, a two finger synthesizer line) echo in a menacing manner. 'R U Serious?' has distorted vocals, tinny drum machine, and elongated honks: as though Solex were on a very bad trip and hallucinating freakish pink elephants. In the end, the worst thing about 5 5 5 is not that it's scary, but that it's too short. Before joining forces with Naoko, Jeebe played in Alternahunk, a trio whole full-length album (also on Dual Plover) displayed none of Funky Terrorist pop leanings, focusing instead on stomach-rattling bass-and-synth washes. Judging by these two offerings, a thrilling Australian noise-and-electronic scene exists, and is begging to be discovered." - Elisabeth Vincentelli.


"Funky Terrorist's mini-CD 5!5!5! (Dual Plover)approaches neither the above-mentioned discretion nor the dance-floor militancy that its moniker implies. This Australian-based female duo roams the na've interzone between K Records-style gawky indie rock and the dorky electronica epitomized by Rephlex artists like Bogdan Razcynski. From its awkward near-origami packaging to its minimalized drum-machine-sampler-vocal arrangements, 5!5!5! works from a stridently nonprofessional attitude. Terrorists Phoebe and Nacko bring you a grin by simply and refreshingly having a good time playing their tunes and not really giving a shit about consistency or "groove." "Cocktail Lady" for example, sees them alternate lounge-camp sampladelica with twerpy electro, while "Go! Go! Go!" bumps its initial Fall-style riffings with a whirling digi-beat 'n' noise freak-out. But "2 Scratchy 2 Dance" takes the cake. It starts with a twerpy, almost anti-rhythmic synth and drum-machine-sprawl backing followed by Nacko's tumbling Japanese rap and a hyperactive-breathing breakdown. It then regains its bearings and cranks into a synth-punk instrumental phrase, which in turn stops and returns to its initial theme, integrating the wearied and weirdly relevant chant, "Day by day / We've got to do / And we'll be fine." We who sell mind and body for paycheck can relate. Generally, this stuff is unabashedly, dada-istically silly at a time when too much silly shit around us takes itself far too seriously. But 5!5!5! springs a surprise with "Okinawa," a hummable, nonsensical ballad to a hometown left behind. It's "Say goodbye / Sayonara" refrain is ideal whistling as you wait to answer the same ten questions from prospective supervisor number three." - ron nachmann


"I really love the 3" CD format, and here is a great release that is suited perfectly to residence within one of these minute gems. I made specific mention of the packaging of this disc in my Lucas Abela interview, and with good reason. After my old man worked in Japan for a few months some years back , he brought home a stack of 3" CD singles, which all had odd elongated packages double their width in length (the music was all utter shite, but that's another story). It is this format that has been employed here, with a few origami-inspired add-ons and manga influenced graphics to spice up the thing. Hell, it's worth it for the package alone as far as I am concerned, although I am happy to report that the music is basically the aural equivalent of the graphics, and is therefore just as good! The five 'poop pop' pieces presented all have a similar character, led by resolutely lo-fi drum machine sounds and vocals placed forwards in the mix. All jog along nicely, and like all good pop music, they are both uplifting and funny. My personal favorite would have to be second track 'Cocktail Lady' ('Do you wanna follow her tail?'), which has this ace recurring organ loop that sounds like it was taken from some very scratched vinyl, but vwho knows? Gotta see those sushi costumes." - Mark groves.