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They Were Very White 3:43
Fucking Exotic Bitches 6:01
European Savagery 4:10
White Youth Worker 6:33
Life's A Beach 7:59
Cut You Up 6:59
Ozfailure 8:56


Welcome to the culture wars. It’s more madness from Australia’s weirdest label Dual Plover. Professional Savage are an aggressive anti racist, anti PC blast of demented hip hop and fractured groves from some deeply unhappy folks. The samples are genius, plundered from our not so much harmonious past, horribly blatantly racist grabs that make your skin crawl. The vocals meanwhile are all screwed up, silly voices, wailing and squealing, almost intelligible, but luckily they’ve printed a lyric sheet so we know how violently angry they are. They’ve entered a peculiar realm, some sort of post cynical place where they’re even attacking those that would profess to hold a similar world view. The problem with these people is their lack of purity, they don’t honestly believe, rather they’re holding their world view as a badge of honour, a way to make them feel good about themselves. How else could you explain the savaging that white youth workers get, where they tap into the youth worker’s self talk and motivations then ridicule them mercilessly? It’s strange, for some reason holier than thou attitudes seem to really get up their noses. And for some reason tokenism doesn’t seem to work – talk about ungrateful. When you start to discount them as part of the problem up comes something like Life’s a Beach, a collection of predominantly talk-back views of redneck bogans discussing our very own lynch mob at Cronulla in 2005. Makes you proud to be Australian. The production is genius, the content confusing. It comes from weird characters named Clickjaw, Shupunts, Flora Bloom and Angry Dad, with some assistance from Raceless, Vulk and Paso Bionic from Curse Ov Dialect. Good luck. My advice is don’t make them angry – or any angrier.

-Bob Baker Fish