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"an intense experience grounded in chance and freeform" hyperallergic

IV:BPM is a participatory instrument / installation that uses IV drips as the percussive source for a set of portable single beat organic drum machines. Forested together this mass of IV stands generates overlapping beats coming from a multitude of directions to form complex surround polyrhythmic compositions unique to each individual’s binaural experience of the space. Audiences are able to further personalise their experience by intervening with the instrument in three ways; adjusting the IV nozzles to change the BPM, manipulating audio effects platters unique to each stand to augment the sounds and shift the stands within the space to alter the mix. These participatory elements turn the installation into an instrument/drum machine orchestra, performed en mass by random public attendees.

IV:BPM (stationary mode)

IV:BPM (public mode)


The following audio clips where all recorded using pairs of effects connected to IV drips. Each represents the individual effects platters you can play with when you visit the installation. During the installation all these tracks will overlap to create the overall effect but they are presented here as separate tracks so you can play them together to get a sense of what being immersed inside IV:BPM will be like or listen to them individually or in pairs, trios etc to get an appreciation of the range of individual sounds produced using this system.

IV:BPM BEAT 1; Death By Audio - Robot + Mid-Fi elctronics - Pitch Pirate.

IV:BPM BEAT 2; Pitch shifter + Mid-Fi elctronics - Clari(not).

IV:BPM BEAT 3; Last Gasp Art Laboratories - Angel Ring + Delptronics - Thunderbell.

IV:BPM BEAT 4; Last Gasp Art Laboratories - Rattle Crow + reverb.

IV:BPM BEAT 5; Last Gasp Art Laboratories - STEROID O.D. + GOMORRAH.

IV:BPM BEAT 6; WMD - Geiger Counter + Super FatMan.

IV:BPM BEAT 7; Sound WAve Breakdown Klone + Picth Shifter.

IV:BPM BEAT 8; JHS - Pulp n Peel Compressor + Envelope Filter.

IV:BPM BEAT 9; Super Hard On Klone + Delptronics - Thunderclap.

IV:BPM BEAT 10; ZVEX - fuzz factory + Boss OC2.

IV:BPM BEAT 11; Death By Audio - Apocalypse + Reverberation Machine.

IV:BPM BEAT 12; Reverb + Envelope filter.

IV:BPM BEAT 13; Death By Audio - Space Ring + Ghost Delay.

IV:BPM BEAT 14; electrofaustus - guitar-disruptor + Last Gasp Art Laboratories - SICK PITCH KING.

IV:BPM BEAT 15; Mantice - density-hulk + proverb.

IV:BPM BEAT 16; Death By Audio - Octave klang + Echo Dream 2.

IV:BPM (procession mode) led by Bob Bellarue culminating in a impromptu collaboration with Tim Bruniges' Normalize.

IV:BPM debuted in New York at ‘Anxious Spaces II: Installation as Catalyst’ in July 2015 at the Knockdown Center in Queens NY, curated by Clocktower Productions, Joe Ahearn & Alanna Heiss.The installation includes audio effects pedals kindly supplied by Death BY Audio/ Mid-Fi / Mantic / JHS & Last Gasp Art Laboratories.