Lucas 'Granpa' Abela
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As a 100% DIY artist I’ve thought long and hard about the best way to independently release and distribute music in the 21st century. Reflecting on that often-repeated conversation were people wish they could just ‘hand their favourite artists money’, I decided to do just that. So if you like what I do here’s a simple way to show their appreciation and support my efforts, either simply donate (alternatively if within Australia DM me for direct deposit details ) or buy something from my bandcamp.

For the best value for money I recommend you subscribe, for as little as US$3 a month you get access to my entire back catalogue along with some subscription only material. Not to mention your continued support will enable me to continue as an independent working musician helping me; stage international tours, produce new recordings, create installations etc.

Contact - abela at dualplover dot com
dualpLOVER c/o lucas abela
643 Elizabeth St, Waterloo NSW Australia 2017