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dj smallcock was christened as such during one of his meny long graveyard shifts at radio skid row in 92/93, while tuning in a radio the stations own frequency 88.9 and placing the annocers mic to its speaker to feedback the radio station in on itself whilst playing the village people the phone rang. excited that someone may actually be listening Lucas answered only to get 'get off the air smallcock' shouted down the line before the line was abruptly disconnected. he then backannouced himself as dj smallcock and have used the moniker for all projects that use pre-recorded material as a source ever since.

Australian Oz Rock Classics as Interpreted By American Song Poem Companies. (2010) 

American Song/Poems companies have exisited for decades, basically song sharks who prey on amateur lyricists, exploiting their ambition to break into the music business. Under the guise of a co-writing ‘partnership’, they will hastily arrange accompanying music to basically any lyrics sent in, for a fee! pitting the naivety of aspiring song writers from across North America with bored overworked sweatshop musicians.

Although their heyday was throughout the 50's 60's and 70's Incredibly I discovered these companies still exist to this day so I decided to hear what they would come up with if i presented them with some of Australia's biggest hits that failed to chart in America. So i pretended these lyrics as my own sending them lyrics to two companies, Magic Key in Utah and The Nashville Song Service in Tennessee, asking them to compose music for them.

YinYue (2000)

This disc has it all, Hopeless romanticism, (smallcock followed ViVi to china after only knowing her for days) pre-millennium madness, (recorded at a time the rest of the world got hopelessly drunk) political tension (set in a backdrop of Beijing at the time of the Macao handover and the trail of Fol Long Gong members) and not forgetting aural exploration.with nine hours worth of Beijing radio committed to tape (smallcock would spend his days wondering the city's extensive hutong systems just flicking through radio stations) on his return to bris-vegas he frottaged them down into a 55 minute love song dedication using nothing but a pause button (in a single nine hour session that finished with the pause button tettering).

NOISE RAMONES : ROCKET TO D.N.A. remixes (1999)

When EYE submitted this ultra lo-fi trance noise track for dualplovers Rebirth of Fool volume one compilation a little late, we decided to capitalize on it anyway by releasing it on it's own, with a few remixes by our own dj smallcock thrown in for good measure.