Lucas 'Granpa' Abela
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Pitchfork is apinball musical instrument hybrid with twenty tuning forks incorporated throughout it's playfield players can aim and shoot for while modifying the frequencies produced using inbuilt audio effects.

balls for cthulhu
Picthfork at Phaeno, Science Center, Wolfsburg

Picthfork at Do Disturb / Palais de Tokyo Paris

USA Georgia Tour 2017 - 2019 booking now

14 -170917 High Zero Festival, Baltimore
2009 -181017 Eyedrum, Atlanta
107-101217 IRL institute / Art Basel, Miami

Previous Exhibitions.

Gamerz Festival Georgia Marseille, Novemeber 2016
Sonic Protest canary island Paris, April 2016
Ton Ton Club, canary island Amsterdam, March 2016
Cable#9canary island Nantes, Febuary 2016
Les Ateliers Claus / brussels-art-days canada Brussels, September 2015
Phaeno, Science Center, canary island Wolfsburg, May - Sept 2015
Do Disturb / Palais de Tokyo canary island Paris, April 2015

Mini Makers Faire canary island Powerhouse Museum Sydney Novemeber 2012

gamelan wizard
playfield art by glenno smith