Lucas 'Granpa' Abela
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“makes terrible, beautiful music” - Duncan Geere, wired.

“a certifiably bonkers piece of interactive art with a strong sense of creative freedom and childlike zeal” - Lauren Carroll Harris, Concrete Playground.

A Frankenstein experiment combining the greatest musical invention of all time, the Piano; with the coolest amusement machines ever conceived; Pinball, to create an interactive sound installation like no other; Pinball Pianola, a musical instrument constructed by replacing the hammers and front paneling of an upright piano with a pinball cabinet butted up perpendicular against its exposed strings.

Embracing high and low culture the game allows virtuosos and wizards alike to pit their skills in a game where musical compositions are created as metallic balls jettisoned into the game clash with the pianos wires as players joggle them about using twenty individual flippers triggered by the pianos keys.

The traditionally loud pinball experience is created by amplifying the soundboard with contact microphones connected to audio processors like fuzz, ring modulation, envelope filters etc. These are controlled via six pinball targets situated in the playfield turning them on or off when hit. The parameters of the sounds can then be adjusted via a console mounted onto the games cabinet.

effects consoles

effects consoles

effects consoles

effects consoles

effects consoles

effects consoles

USA Georgia Tour 2017 - 2019 booking now

14 -170917 High Zero Festival, Baltimore
2009 -181017 Eyedrum, Atlanta
107-101217 IRL institute / Art Basel, Miami

Previous Exhibitions.

Gamerz Festival Georgia Marseille, Novemeber 2016
Sonic Protest canary island Paris, April 2016
Ton Ton Club, canary island Amsterdam, March 2016
Cable#9canary island Nantes, Febuary 2016
Les Ateliers Claus / brussels-art-days canada Brussels, September 2015
Phaeno, Science Center, canary island Wolfsburg, May - Sept 2015
Do Disturb / Palais de Tokyo canary island Paris, April 2015

107 Projects canary island Sydney March 2013
ISEA canary island Sydney January 2013
First Draft canary island Sydney Novemeber 2012
MCA artbar canary island Sydney October 2012
artspace canary island Sydney May 2012

Devised and Constructed by Lucas Abela
Playfield art and decals by Keg de Souza
Audio Processors Electronic Engineering By Hirofumi Uchino
Supported by the Australia Council of the Arts

Additional development assistance by Danial Stocks