Lucas 'Granpa' Abela
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Earwitness Podcast (2015) France

Tracks ARTE TV (2012) Germany

Porto News Bulletin TV (2011) Portuagal

Alchemy SBS TV (2001) Australia

Recovery ABC TV (1996) Australia

Mercury (2015)

Mix Tape / Miami Mix: Lucas Abela (2015)

Creators Project (2015)

SodaPop (2013) Italian

Liberation (2012) French

Vice (2012) USA

tin sheds (2011)

network awesome (2011)

Time Out (2011)

shia_labeouf (2011)

real time (2009)

Sydney Morning Herald (2003)

australia adlib(includes video and audio downloads + interview from no frills 2000)

ujaku magazine interview (1998)

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