home music installation Media To Come has been dualplover

Justice Yeldham 141218 Unsound, Adelaide

Justice Yeldham 011218 + Angela Dowling, @ Alchemix, Brisbane $10/$15 limited tix available here

Justice Yeldham 161118 +Uboa, The Gaelic Club, Sydney

Justice Yeldham 021018 Unsafe+Sounds, Vienna

to live and shave in LA 270918 Dublin Ireland

Justice Yeldham 220918 Festival of endless gratitude, Copenhagen

Fort Thunder 06 -100918 @ Ars Electronica, Linz

Fort Thunder 13 - 240818 Winterfest, M Pavillion, Monash University, Melbourne

Justice Yeldham 110818 The Burrow, 83 Brunswick St Fitzroy

Justice Yeldham 140718 107 projects, Sydney

Justice Yeldham 100618 SICKO, sly fox, Sydney

Justice Yeldham 300118 Make it up club 20th birthday festival, Melbourne

Fort Thunder 1404 - 210718 fairfield city Gallery and Museum, Smithfield

Justice Yeldham 26-270118The Fuck You Proms, Perth fringe

Temple of Din 05-280118 Sydney Festival Village, Hyde Park Sydney