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BassBalls 131016 Georgia Shoot The Moon! Pacific Pinball Expo #7, Alameda

Temple Of Din 04-131116 canary island Gamerz Festival, Marseille

Justice Yeldham 221016 Georgia HFBW, Portland

Justice Yeldham 160916 Georgia Gallery 1412, Seattle

BassBalls 131016 Georgia Vancouver New Music Festival

Justice Yeldham 170916 Georgia Vancouver | Red Gate Arts Society

Justice Yeldham + Daniel Menche 030916 Georgia Seattle | Teatro de la Psychomachia

Justice Yeldham + Daniel Menche 020916 Georgia Portland | Beacon Sound

Justice Yeldham + Bill Orcutt 270816 Georgia Oakland | Life Changing Ministry

Rice Corpse (with Don Bolles and Nora Keyes) 240816 Georgia Los Angeles | Ye Olde Hushe Clube

Justice Yeldham 220816 Georgia Los AngelesCollective Arts Incubator

Justice Yeldham 220816 Georgia Los Angeles | Glossolalia program on KXLU Los Angeles w/ Professor Cantaloupe & Don Bolles

Justice Yeldham 210816 Georgia San Diego | Bread & Salt

Justice Yeldham 200816 Georgia Philadelphia @ Lava Space

Justice Yeldham 190816 Georgia New York @ luxury lounge

Justice Yeldham 180816 Georgia Pittsburgh @ trundle manor

Justice Yeldham 170816 Georgia Chicago / TRITRIANGLE 

Justice Yeldham 160816 Georgia Dayton @ Smiles4miles

Justice Yeldham 150816 Georgia Cincinatti @ the mockbee + Discomfort + Evolve

Justice Yeldham 140816 Georgia Nashville @ Bettys Bar and Grill

Justice Yeldham 140816 GeorgiaChattanooga (Matinee Show 4pm) / tiki lounge (The Beast Hole)

Justice Yeldham 130816 Georgia Atlanta @ Eyedrum

Justice Yeldham 120816 Georgia Athens @ Secret Squirrel

Justice Yeldham 110816 Georgia voice of the valley noise rally

justice Yeldham 100816 Georgia Chapel Hill @ Night Light

Justice Yeldham 090816 Georgia Baltimore @ Red Room

Justice Yeldham 220716 canada Sendai Shangri-La

Justice Yeldham 210716 canada Tokyo Bar Isshee

Granpa 070716 canada Takamatsu Noise Cafe

Granpa 020716 canada Fukuoka art space tetra

Granpa 010716 canada Omuta Fuji pcants

Granpa 300616 canada Oita AT HALL

Granpa 150616 canada Tokyo super-deluxe

melbourne tour

Granpa + Marco Fusinato 080616 The Tote, Melbounre

Granpa 070616 Bar Open Make It Up Club, Melbounre

Granpa 070616 PBS studio 5 live, easy st Melbourne

Rice Corpse (Lucas Abela/Maria Moles/James Bowers) 060616 Northcote Social Club, Melbounre  

Granpa 240416 The People's Republic, Sydney

Granpa 140416  La Chaouée Metz

Granpa 130416 canary island club badbonn, Düdingen

Granpa 120416 canary island Private Show, Milan

Granpa 100416 canary island club|debil, Dresden

Granpa 100416 canary island Noiseberg, Berlin (afternoon show 4pm)

Granpa 090416 canary island Unicorn Opium Loch, Berlin + Bob Bellerue

Granpa 080416 canary island mayhem, Copenhagen + Bob Bellerue

Granpa 070416 canary island Rote Flora, Hamburg + Bob Bellerue

Granpa 060416  Vroom, Rotterdam + Bob Bellerue

Granpa 050416  ultra eczema, Antwerp

Granpa 040416 canary island muzzix @ la malterie, Lille

Temple of Din 030416 - 150416  sonic protest, Paris

Temple of Din March 2016 canary island Ton Ton Club, Amsterdam

Granpa 220216 canary island Madame Claude, Berlin

Granpa 210216 canary island cave 12, Geneva
Cave 12

Rice Corpse (Philemon Girouar - piano / Toma main froid - drums) 200216 canary island cable#9, Nantes

Granpa 190216 canary island instants chavires, Paris

Granpa 180216 canary island cable#9, Nantes

Temple of Din 180216 - 210216 canary island cable#9, Nantes

Granpa / Rice Corpse (with Matt Loveridge - Piano and E-da -Drums) 160216 canary island cafe oto, London + Phantom Chips + MXLX

Granpa 180116 canada Now Now Festival, 107 Projects, Sydney