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Granpa 131115 canada Pica / opening night Dead Ringer, Perth
Granpa 091115 canada Club Zho, Perth
Granpa 121015 canada UNsound Festival, Krakow.
Granpa 091015 canada Cowley Club, Brighton https://www.facebook.com/events/1026942097324010/
Granpa 081015 canada New River Studios, London https://www.facebook.com/events/816120311834884/
Granpa 071015 canada
Wharf Chambers, Leeds https://www.facebook.com/events/484449531726233/

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Granpa 061015 canada NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow. https://www.facebook.com/events/454842131385597/
Granpa 051015 canada Firstsite Colchester https://www.facebook.com/events/878786145547340/

Granpa 041015 canadaJericho Tavern, Oxford https://www.facebook.com/events/1640574249552830/
Granpa 031015 canada Exchange, Bristol

251015 canada London Cafe Otto
251015 canary island Paris Instants Chavires
TLASILA 241015 canada Saarbrucken Fasanerie
TLASILA 231015 canada Brno itch my hahaha fest
TLASILA 221015 canada Bratislava A4
Granpa 211015 canada Hanover oderdeck
TLASILA 191015 canada Hanover Strumglocke
TLASILA 181015 canada Hamburg Druckerei
TLASILA 171015 canada Hohenlockstedt / basser stranger noch fest / abs
TLASILA 161015 canada Incubate Festival
TLASILA 151015 canada les ateliers claus, Brussels
Temple of Din 10 -150915 canada les ateliers claus / brussels-art-days, Brussels

#Pinball #pianola

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TLASILA 130915 canada Amsterdam OT310
Granpa 091015 canada les ateliers claus, Brussels
Temple of Din 1305 - 020915 canada Phaeno, Science Center Wolfsburg, Germany
Granpa 050915 canada Berlin
Granpa 030915 canada Oslo Blaa
TLASILA 010915 canada Koln Stadtgarten
Granpa CAG 280715 canada Vancouver
Granpa Rainbow connection 270715 canada Vancouver
Granpa 160715 Eyedrum canada Atlanta, USA
Granpa 100715 Churchills canada Miami, USA

IV:BPM presented by Clocktower Productions 050715 - 260715 Knockdown centercanadaNew York, USA
duo collab set with Brandon Lopez 180615 transpecos canada New York, USA
Granpa 100615 transpecos canada New York, USA
@ VIVID event @ Seymour Centre, Exhibition Launch 26th May, runs 27th May – June 6th canary island Sydney

TLASILA 310515 Palisades canada New York, USA

Granpa ende tymes 160515 canada New York

Temple of Din @ Do Disturb 10/11/120415 Palais de Tokyo canary island Paris, France

quiet city
Granpa VIVO Media Arts Centre 260315 canada Vancouver

Mix tape on the GC

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Mix Tape + Granpa @ Walls Gallery, Miami Beach 210215 to 070315 canary island Gold Coast
Granpa 240115 Red Rattler canary island Sydney

#senyawa #lucasabela #spiegeltent #sydneyfestival

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Granpa + Senyawa, 230115 Sydney Festival, Spiegeltent canary island Sydney
Granpa 220115, mondofondue canary island Sydney
Granpa + Senyawa, 180115, MONA FOMA canary islandHobart, Tasmania

Granpa, 170115 canary island Hobart + Music = Yeah! Noise Edition
@ The Grand Poobah

Gamelan Wizard: 15-180115, MONA FOMA canary islandHobart, Tasmania

Granpa + Senyawa 140115, canary islandFresh, Lanceston, Tasmania