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131213 canary island Pinball, Presented by Octopus Pi @ The Red Rattler, Sydney
041213 canary island Pinball @ The Red Rattler, Sydney
301113 canary island duo with Jon Rose @ Performance Space 30th Birthday @ Carrigeworks, Sydney
241113 canary island Temple of Din; audio arcade @ Mini Maker FairePowerhouse Musem, Sydney

141013 canary island Mix Tape & Gigloo and Artist Talk @ St James Cavalier | Centre for Creativity, Valletta
121013 canary island Justice Yeldham @ British Legion, Valletta
5-61013 canary island Vinyl Rally + Mix tape in Gigloo @ Nuit Blanche, Metz
2408-150913 canary island Flipoff @ John Fries @ GAFFA, Sydney
100813 canary island Justice Yeldham @ The Grand Poobah, Hobart
090813 canary island Justice Yeldham @ Fresh Cafe, Lanceston
14-160613 canary island
Zagreb, Mix Tape @ Breakthrough @ Museum of contemporary Art
07-160613 canary island ISEA the TEMPLE OF DIN, an audio arcade

310513 canary island Sydney, Mix Tape/ Justice Yeldham @ MCA Artbar
0805-300613 Wroclaw JUSTICE YELDHAM / VINYL RALLY @ 15th WRO Media Art Biennale


190313 canary island Sydney, Circus Festival, Sydney Town Hall
2501-240213 canary island Berlin Vinyl Rally / Justice Yeldham @ CTM

040113 Quito, Justice Yeldham @ La industria