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BassBalls is a bass orientated pinball machine / sub noise instrument that has its playfield and backboard built directly into iconic ‘fridge’ style Ampeg bass cabs. Its backboard is completed by a SVT-4-PRO head running bi-amp mode with two 15” woofers handling the low end and four x 10” + tweeter array taking on the high end. The games playfield, framed by two 5 string bass guitars, features an E string ball shooter and ramps constructed by bass strings that lead the ball up to targets that trigger a Digitech - Meatbox, Zvex - Fuzz Factory, Mid-fi - Clari(not) and a Mooer - Shimverb*. Each of these audio processors are controlled by custom circuits that either bypass the effect or sweep through four different preset resistances for each of the effects potentiometers to give the machine a startling total of 244140625 possible effect combinations. The results are rich cause and effect subsonic audio responsive game play that induces everything from shuddering rumble to textural ambience all emitted with dynamic clarity.

balls for cthulhu

BassBalls Playfield

balls for cthulhu

BassBalls in Action at VNM festival

balls for cthulhu

BassBalls Ramps and Targets

balls for cthulhu

BassBalls Patchbay


Upcoming Exhibitions

Sydney Festival 2018

Previous Exhibitions
14 -170917 High Zero Festival, Baltimore
Shoot The Moon! Pacific Pinball Expo #7
Alameda, Novemwber 2016
New Music festival Vancouver, October 2016

Built with the generous support of the CAG, Australia Council of the Arts & artsNSW
ozco\ artsnsw

Devised and Constructed by Lucas Abela with Custom circuits by Danial Stocks

*all audio effects are modular and can be switched out