Plurals Can Be Weird (you will see)

During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, Sydney artists Keg de Souza and Lucas Abela, decided to write a book for their 3-year-old, Ernie. They were inspired by the sudden isolation and a song titled ‘foot-feet’ which they spontaneously made up while musing with Ernie about how confusing English pluralisation can be. After Keg assembled some paper cut-outs to illustrate the point, they decided it would be cute to incorporate the concept into a counting book - making it a dual purpose learning tool for toddlers teaching both Plurals and Numbers to young kids. That’s the origin story behind Plurals Can Be Weird (you will see) a counting book about irregular plurals.

limited edition of 500 copies - matt offset printed 20 x 20
PayPal AUD$18 Australia or US$25 international / postage paid,
please ad $10 either curreny per book for any additional copies.
family & friends payments preferred (just trust us PayPal fees are preverse)
simply email me your address once completed

also available at the following Sydney retailers Title (Surry Hills), Abbeys, Ariel, Better Read Than Dead, Laugh & Learn, Glee Books, Harry Hartogs (Bondi Junction), MCA store & Lost in Books